The Art of Logo Design with AI

Logos are like magic spells – just a glance and your brain is filled with emotions, memories, and experiences related to that brand. With AI art generators like Midjourney, anyone can now easily create pro-quality logos without breaking the bank.

In this guide, we’ll conjure up some sorcerous prompts to get you started on your logo creation quest:

  1. Keep it Simple, My Friend

When prompting Midjourney, straightforward is better. “Logo design for [your company]” opens up a world of possibilities without narrowing it down too much. Then add guides like “simple”, “minimal”, “vector”, and “–no detail” to hone your vision. Remember, the most iconic logos like Apple and Nike check every box for simple and distinct.

  1. Lean on the Legends

Midjourney has studied at the feet of legendary designers like Paul Rand (IBM), Ivan Chermayeff (Chase), and Rob Janoff (Apple). Namedrop them in prompts like “style of Paul Rand” to get that crisp, retro flair. Their wisdom is Midjourney’s gain.

  1. Let the Abstract Guide You

Abstract logos use geometric shapes and lines to represent your biz – think Pepsi, Nike, Mastercard. For these, ask Midjourney for “minimal shapes” and “flat vector graphic” in the vein of your fave designers. A picture speaks a thousand words, so keep it simple.

  1. Vintage Gives Brands Dimension

Add nostalgic flair with vintage emblem logos, like those of universities and fraternal organizations. Pipe in “vintage retro kitschy” and let Midjourney work its throwback magic. Vintage styling gives modern brands a sense of heritage.

  1. Characters Tell Stories

Consider a mascot logo to humanize your brand. Midjourney conjures up cute, quirky mascots with ease. For a polished Japanese-style mascot, add “simple, Japanese” to give it that anime vibe. Let your mascot be the hero of your brand story.

The mystic arts of logo design are open to all – with a touch of AI magic. Let your imagination run wild, get specific with parameters, and before you know it, a perfect logo will appear right before your eyes. Just believe in the power of promptcraft.


How do I create a minimalist logo with Midjourney? Use prompts like “simple minimalist logo” and add guides like “flat vector graphic” and “–no detail”. Reference minimalist designers like Paul Rand in your prompt for inspo.

What if I want a vintage style logo? For a retro logo with heritage, use wording like “vintage retro kitschy” and consider an emblem style. Referencing vintage design eras like art deco can also work.

How can I make an abstract geometric logo? Focus your prompt on geometric shapes, lines and simplicity. For example “geometric abstract logo with circles and lines”. Referencing abstract artists like Piet Mondrian can produce some cool results.

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