How to Generate Logo Images with Text using AI?


Creating a logo design from scratch can be difficult and time-consuming. However, the latest AI image generation tools allow you to generate custom logos with just a text prompt. In this post, we’ll cover how to generate logo images using With the right prompt, you can easily create stylized logos with any words or concepts you want.

Steps to Generate Logo Images with AI

Follow these steps to generate custom logos with AI:

  1. Choose an AI image generator – .
  2. Craft a text prompt – Write a detailed prompt describing the logo you want to generate. See examples below.
  3. Generate images – Enter the prompt and generate a variety of logo images to choose from.
  4. Refine the results – Edit the prompt and generate more variations to improve the logo.

AI Logo Prompt Examples

Here are some example text prompts for generating logos with AI:

  • Ultra-minimalist. typographic logo of “Lion” in the shape of a lion, product
  • Vector art, a cute white puppy holding its paw up with quote “AIGenPrompt”, yellow background, illustration

The key is providing enough descriptive details so the AI can generate a unique logo matching your vision. Refer to the AI image generator’s documentation for prompt formatting tips.

Generating Logos at

One great AI tool for logo generation is It’s designed specifically for creating logos, branding images, and other graphics with AI.

Ideogram has business-focused features like brand palette control, high-resolution output, and batch generating variations. The text prompt interface makes it easy to turn concepts into logos with no graphic design experience needed.

Get Creative with AI Logo Generation

The possibilities are endless when generating logos with AI Prompt Generator. Let your imagination run wild and see what unique logo designs you can create.

With the right prompting, AI image generation can provide quality, customized logos faster and easier than traditional graphic design. Give it a try for your next logo project!

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